Advanced wellness solutions, that go far beyond the simple traditional shower, able to create spectacular atmosphere and unique dimensions of perfumes, sounds and vibrant colours, which make time to relax, capable to surprise even the most demanding user. The benefits of hydro and chromotherapy meet the most different play of light and shade, in a fascinating journey at various stages to be performed in succession. The best aromatic essences, harmonized with idiochromatic effects, complete a moment which becomes an event and transforms this fundamental SPA’s part into a new water experience.
A subtle pleasure for mind and body, a beneficial rest in a hot and humid atmosphere, among aromatic purifying steams. The benefits are: curative, as the heat stimulates blood flow increasing metabolism, through algaesedative action, particularly effective against rheumatic and respiratory system disorders; relaxing, immersed in the hot cloud of steam the muscles limber up, involving the entire body in a full and invigorating wellness; slimming, with a temperature at approximately 42° and 90% humidity the dense steam helps dissolve fat, it ensures a natural detoxification through the sweat. In the warm embrace of the Turkish bath you can savour the pleasure of the muscles that stretch out and the skin which purifies and illuminates.
At the end of the wellness program an enjoyable relaxing time can not be missing, witch couches, where you can lie down and relax, and sipping an infusion, too. The shape has been designed on purpose to get a sweet and relaxing location. The anatomical and ergonomic body’s position, with back and knees raised, allows a deep relaxation and favours muscle relaxation. The tepid heat which enters deep into the body gives a very pleasant sensation, especially in the cold season.
Water and air; a sensation of pleasure that accompanies body’s relaxation. The principle of the whirlpool effect is the compression and decompression of the tissues, activated by air bubbles and water flow. With the water temperature to 33°, we can have benefits to the blood and the lymphatic stream, reducing heaviness and leg swelling, favouring drainage of liquids and the training of muscle tension. It’s an adjuvant to circulatory problems, in cases of cellulitis and it relaxes nervous people.
RATES 2023
07/04 - 15/09 ... 24/10 - 31/12
Single Room
Double Room
Triple Room
55.00 €
90 / 100.00 €
120.00 €
130.00 €
03/01 - 06/04 ... 16/09 - 23/10
Single Room
Double Room
Triple Room
55.00 €
80 / 85.00 €
110.00 €
125.00 €
* Prices are per night, per room, breakfast included.
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